Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rough cut done... We watched it... And...

It actually DOESN'T SUCK!


I was a bit nervous before watching the rough cut with our director Bill Mitrus, our editor Caleb Kerlin, Bill's friend Jeff (who has a pretty broad depth of movie experience). After all, the possibility was that it would, em... Suck, and the only thing we could do to fix it was to start from scratch. But it doesn't. It's actually pretty good. Overall the quality is good, and there were some especially sweet moments, acting, camera and lighting-wise.

We knew ahead of time that a movie consisting of two people who don't get along trying to escape a cell or face certain death (or worse) ran the risk of being agonizingly boring (at least visually), and that we would need certain devices to get the audience out of the cell periodically. While we had planned some of these in advance, we realized there were many other good opportunities to do this, so we will of course take advantage of them.

So... On to phase two: Plan out those other scenes and the reshoots... A few of our scenes were 'blown out', most likely past the point of salvaging (and we'll need a little ADR)... So we'll get out the green screen, shoot them, edit them together, and then it's off to post.

So far so good!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear! Can't wait to see some of it :-D Keep plugging away guys!


Luke said...

So whens the next update!?!? :-D Hope all is well!