Thursday, November 15, 2007

Update - Rough cut done (sorta)

I'm going to try and update this more frequently so that everybody who helped make this movie can stay... Um... Updated.

Caleb is finished with the rough cut and is going back to make another pass at it. There's some clips he had trouble finding that somehow didn't make it onto the external hard disks I gave him. Not to worry, I have two other copies here.

Sometime after Thanksgiving we should have the VO work he needs for the "dream sequence", I'll probably shoot some more of the kids during that period.

With any luck, we'll have the President and Rebel Leader shot by the end of December. I hope to have comittments for the CG SFX, sound design and music composition by then.

So far we're on track to be at the festivals by Spring.

So far so good!

Best always to all of you,


PS Once we have a full rough cut we're havin' a parrrrty wooo! : )p

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