Monday, July 16, 2007

Vbloging to commence soon...

Location Manager Mark Lickona has insisted we start a Vblog. Something about my face needing to be all over the place. Who am I to argue.

Things are shaping up nicely with various people helping out, but we still need to lock down a costumer, makeup and some featured extras. Other than that though, things are going swimmingly.

It looks like we're going to go with the HPX500 camcorder. This will preclude any underwater shots, as even though I was willing to risk a $2500.00 camera to shoot under water, I'm not risking a $16,000.00 camera. Mainly because we'll need it for other things, including producing commercials and renting out.

However, if we have the jack available, I might just spring for the HVR-VU1 or the HDR-FX7 using the Blackmagic Design HDMI input card. A few months ago I was toying with the idea of using that setup to shoot the whole thing, but reason prevailed. We've got one shot at this thing, so we're going for it.

EDIT -- Vblogging is gonna have to wait until we get enough principal photography in the disk so we aren't concerned about getting it all done!

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